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* Please type *#06# on phone to get IMEI Number

Unlock Your Pantech P6030 Device Today..

Are you looking for how to unlock or input SIM network unlock PIN for your Pantech P6030 device ? Failed / got wrong codes from others? Don't worry, here we are offering guaranteed unlock solution for your Pantech P6030 device. With our 100% correct unlock codes, it will permanently unlock your Pantech P6030 device to use with different network sim cards worldwide. We need only 1 attempt to get your device unlocked. Unlike others, we guarantee that unlock code supplied will permanently unlock your Pantech P6030 device at the first attempt without voiding handset manufacturer warranty.


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Your Pantech P6030 device could be locked with single or multi level lock codes. Most network lock their devices just with network lock level only so in that case your Pantech P6030 device will ask for " network unlock code"  with a different network sim card in and its a 8 / 16 digit unlock code and its unique for every imei number. However many networks like tesco uk and comviq sweeden use service provider or sub network lock level to lock their devices. so in that case it will ask for " service provider unlock code" or "network subset unlock code"  with a different network sim card and its also 8 / 16 digit unique unlock code which you will need to unlock your device. Usually you have 5 tries to put correct " unlock code " but if you tried too many wrong codes already and now have 0 attempts left to input the unlock code then its not possible to unlock with code any more, you will need to contact with service center to get it unlocked with usb cable solution.


Place an order with following details and get your Pantech P6030 unlock code -


Device IMEI - make sure you get the IMEI by typing *#06# on your Pantech P6030 Device.


Before you place your order please make sure your device is network locked. sometimes your it could be already unlocked. so first try with another network sim card and if its asking for network unlock code and you have at least 1 attempt left to input the code then place an order.


How to find out if your Pantech P6030 device is network locked?

To know if your device is network locked please turn on your device with a different network sim card. Your device will ask for one of the following code:

  • SIM network unlock PIN
  • Network is locked , Please input unlock code
  • sim unlock code
  • nck code

or any other unlock code message but if its not asking for any unlock code and just showing "no service" / "no network" or searching for network then your phone could be already unlocked or there could be some other issue. in that case please contact us, we will help to resolve the issue.


How Long does it take to get the unlock code for Pantech P6030 phone?

Actually it depends on the network that your phone is locked with and the imei of your phone.Usually it takes 1-12 Hours to process the unlock code for your Pantech P6030 phone. However, if your imei is new then in some cases it can take up to 2-3 working days (those are very extreme cases where others failed but we can still supply the unlock code)


How to input Unlock code in Pantech P6030?

unlocking Pantech P6030 is pretty straight forward. all you have to do is -

Method 1: -

1.Power on your Pantech P6030 phone with an unaccepted SIM card.

2.It will be prompted to enter one of the following unlock code.

  • SIM network unlock PIN
  • Network is locked , Please input unlock code

   3.Enter the unlock code you received from us. And unlocking is DONE.


Why my Pantech P6030 phone is locked?

Carriers / service providers tends to lock the phone that they are selling because they tend to keep you as a customer until your contract expires and for prepaid Pantech P6030 phones they sell it as cheap price with locked condition so that you can only use their sim cards with it. That help them to sell talk time and earn revenue.


Will unlocking my Pantech P6030 void it's warranty?

No, unlocking your Pantech P6030 with unlock code will not affect the warranty, because Your phone will be unlocked with the same method that carriers or service providers would do. All new mobile phones are by default unlocked but manufacturers only lock the phone as per request by carriers / service providers and then also provide them unlock codes to unlock those locked phones.


You sure all Pantech P6030 phones can be unlocked?

Yes we can do all of them regardless of network or country they locked with. If you tried to get your unlock code from your carrier / service provider but they denied to give you code or you failed with other web sites, don't be disappointed. We can get your unlock code and we are sure about it.


Is Mobile Phone ( in my case Pantech P6030 ) Unlocking Legal?

Here in the UK, as confirmed by the Metropolitan Police, network unlocking a phone is legal. This is the same in most other countries, as long as you own the mobile phone that you are unlocking. however please check with your local law if its legal in your country.


Can i unlock my Pantech P6030 phone for free?

yes if you are with contract / pay monthly plan with your Carrier then after a certain period (usually after your contract ends) you are allowed to get your free unlock code for your Pantech P6030 phone but for prepaid phones you have to pay some charge to get it unlocked.


Why Would I choose UnlockSolution.Com to get my Pantech P6030 unlocked?

in simple word we can say, you want your phone unlocked and we are here to do your job done. we strongly believe in customer satisfactions,if you happy that makes us happy. thats why our customer tells about us and recommend us in various forums and to their friends and family.

we would like to invite you to try our services and we believe you will recommend us to your friends and family as well.


Can i talk to someone at UnlockSoluion.Com ?

Yes, you can! please use our contact us page.


You Don't Need To Ship Your Phone To Us. Unlock Your Phone Just Sitting Back At Your Home!!! THIS IS 100% SAFE, SECURE & GUARANTEED TO UNLOCK YOUR PHONE.




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